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  • do you have any other payment methods other than paypal?
    yes we do! 1. Fiverr - you can contact me on discord or send a form and i will provide you my fiverr gig.You can hire me directly for both custom designs and products. It accepts credit/debit card and also multiple other options and its a trusted service. 2.Steam - we accept steam items too like skins,gift cards and keys but pricing will be increased depending in the items (15-40%). We dont recommend this method as its difficult for us to redeem the money in real life. if you have something else in mind ,do discuss
  • can you put my name in the artwork instead of Ghost?
    Yes with every purchase , we will customize the design to your name and background, Make sure you put your name in the customization section of our payment form while processing the payment procedure.
  • What do I put in "name for artwork , background and id link" section in payment form?
    1. Firstly put the name you would like to have for the artwork like your steam username. 2.Then you can paste a steam background and it will be changed in the artwork.(note - live backgrounds are not recommended for quality issues) you can also leave it blank and you will be mailed the original background link along with the delivery.(not compulsory) 3. Paste the link of your profile by copying to from any browser(not compulsory)
  • Do you make custom artworks?
    Yes I do, pricing depends on the character itself and may cost between $25-$30
  • How will you delivery the item?
    It will be sent to the mail , you had ordered with.
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